Third Stone “RDA” Garbage Man Music Video

This is a fun little video we shot back in 1993 for my first feature film, The Garbage Man. These two assholes, Rob Gibson and Bill Yukich, took credit for producing the music video (they weren’t even in town where it was shot) and that liar Rob Gibson took credit for directing the video from the real director, Chris Derylo. Chris was the one who made this happen. I was going to direct the video, but my mental health was too ropey to do it. The video was shot at my home in Champaign Illinois and at the bar Bradley’s where some of the guys worked. It was shot on 16mm film and I plan on recutting this video for the release of The Garbage Man feature. Chris was one of the original crew members on The Garbage Man and he really saved the day on that shoot, along with his partner Steve. Those guys made that film work. I can’t thank them enough for soldier forward no matter what happened.