The Boogens (1981) Full Movie

The Boogens is a 1981 American horror film directed by James L. Conway and starring Rebecca Balding, Fred McCarren, Anne-Marie Martin and Jeff Harlan. The title refers to scaly turtle-like monsters that are released from an abandoned and boarded up silver mine to wreak havoc.

The screenplay was directed by James L. Conway, produced by Charles E. Sellier Jr. and Bill Cornfold, and written by Thomas C. Chapman, David O’Malley and Jim Kouf (as Bob Hunt).[1]

The opening credits made use of several still image zoom (zoom burst) and panning techniques that predate by several years the motion effects popularized by filmmaker Ken Burns, which later became hugely popular features in Apple Inc.’s iMovie software program.

Parts of the film were shot in Park City, Kamas, Ontario Mine, Mayflower Mine, and Heber in Utah.