Obituary “Evil Ways” American Cut

I’ve been directing music videos for indie bands around Los Angeles for the last couple of years, but in 2007 I up’d my game by doing first the Dark Funeral video for Club Satan, then following it up with this dirty little piece of work with Obituary. I directed this music video in Tampa Florida for one of the meanest godfathers of death metal, motherfuckin’ Obituary. Me and my guys jetted into Tampa last minute like a mercenary crew doing behind the lines suicide missions. Understaffed, underfunded, but full of piss and battery acid, we made sure to kill and kill again. We shot in a fantastic dive bar outside of a trailer park called Dan’s Five Quarters Bar. We shot in Obituary’s rehearsal space, and to top it all off we shot at a legendary goth club called The Castle. The folks at the bar and at The Castle were super cool, worked hard to let us do our video our way, major thanks to them both and their staff. We had one camera foul, one camera man overindulge on set, and I shouted myself horse the last night of shooting. It was a blast. All the guys in Obituary, John, Don, Frank, Trevor and Ralph all kicked ass, pitched in and worked on the video, no complaints, all guts and boozey fun, no rock star ego’s. They were the best. We had an awesome time shooting this, hope you enjoy.