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FilmOn Now on Roku!

American Horrors is now available to Roku users via the FilmOn private label channel! Add The Channel Code WM6BC to your Roku service & start watching the best damn horror channel in the world today! Roku makes it easy to enjoy the hottest movies, TV shows, music, games and more on your TV. Millions of people use their Roku players every day to watch their favorite entertainment instantly and on demand.

There are hundreds of free channels, subscriptions services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and convenient ways to rent or buy a favorite film or show with M-GO, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU or Redbox. Cable subscribers can even watch their favorite originals and on-demand movies from services like HBOGo, Showtime Anytime, WatchESPN, WatchDisney, FOXNow, A&E and the HISTORY Channel. All the best shows are waiting for you including the world’s #1 horror channel, American Horrors.

Filmon Roku Channel Content:

Filmon offers content from providers like CNN, Disney, ESPN Fuel, CBS, Discovery, Fox and NBC, BBC, American Horrors, RAI, FRANCE and many more! The Filmon Private Label channel contains local channels from major cities like Boston and Los Angeles and many more. With original content providers like American Horrors and Hart D. Fisher, Filmon is quickly becoming one of the most watched Roku channels.

Channel Issues?

From time to time things can go wrong. If you experience any issues with a video not loading or channel not working, please feel free to contact the Filmon channel developer and let them know. This helps them troubleshoot the channel and quickly get the channel working again.

Filmon Not Available in UK VIA ROKU

Filmon content is only available to US viewers. If you’re in another country, you will be able to access the Filmon channel by using a VPN and setting your Router with a USA DNS server.

On a computer it's easier and free, just fire up Firefox and get the anonyomX plugin. Change your IP-Address to appear from the USA and browse over to http://www.filmon.com/tv/ and you will be able to view all content.

AnonymX enables you to... Browse the web anonymously Change your IP-Address (to one provided by us) Visit blocked/censored websites Appear to originate from another country Delete cookies, show your public ip, change browser id, ....

Update From Channel Developer - about availability of their app on UK Roku players. "Yes the Roku app will be available, but we do not know when. We just put out the app for the US and it is still being worked on. We are still adding and removing / testing the channels on the app."

SOURCE: http://mkvxstream.blogspot.com/2014/05/filmon-best-private-roku-channel.html and https://www.roku.com