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LOS ANGELES, CA — In Cold Blog (ICB), founded by Los Angeles Times and Borders International best selling author Corey Mitchell, is the Internet’s leading true crime blog. With several contributing writers that cover the gamut from Pulitzer Prize nominees, award winning journalists and authors, criminal justice and medical professionals, victim’s rights advocates and even family members of the victim of a serial killer, In Cold Blog has been providing a unique voice to issues involving crime and justice since June 2007.

When In Cold Blog’’s editor, Michelle McKee, went looking for someone to represent the voice of America’s freedom of speech, censorship, morality gone wrong, exploitation, and the removal of one’s Constitutional guarantee of freedom, she looked no further than the notorious publisher of Boneyard Press, Hart D. Fisher.

Fisher’s opinions on serial killers and serial killer culture have been sought by numerous television producers for programs such as ABC's DayOne, CNN's Murder By Numbers, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, The Jerry Springer Show, CNN Headline News, A&E's Biography, and in magazines such as Time, Tattoo Savage, Hero Illustrated, People, The Comics Journal, and the non-fiction best seller The A-Z Guide to Serial Killers, to name only a

An individual who takes his work to the extreme, Fisher pushes the envelope on the boundaries of freedom of expression beyond that which many are comfortable with. His work has been banned and pulled from shelves and his books have been destroyed by the distribution house itself.

With credits dotting his portfolio that include the production of indie horror films, the creation of serial killer comic books, the production of pornography, horror porn to be specific, as well as critically acclaimed poetry, Hart D. Fisher has been called one of the "100 Most Important People In The Comics Industry" by Hero Illustrated. He has also been one of the most universally despised individuals to have ever set foot in adult theme comics, let alone within in the crime genre itself. As the controversial publisher behind Boneyard Press, Fisher created Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer, A comic book that started a firestorm which brought death threats, stalkers, lawsuits, protest marches, including a threatened KKK protest march on his home in Illinois, a SWAT team to his door, and a request by the local

As managing editor of Glenn Danzig’s publishing company Verotik, Fisher created a comic book murder story, Verotika #4, “A Taste of Cherry,” that was considered to be so offensive and obscene it shut down Planet Comics in Oklahoma City in the early 90’s and the work was banned. It is still banned in that state today.

Even OJ Simpson has sued Fisher for his satirical portrayal in Boneyard Press’ comic book creations.

Hart Fisher produces the type of material that members of the morality police generally object to. His work is considered by some to be vile and offensive, and it is exactly the type of unpopular speech that is at the forefront of assaults by the so called moral majority against our Constitutional liberties. It is the type of material that is typically blamed for various public ills and criminal activity; after all, we've all heard what the Uptight Ninny Brigade has to say about sex crimes, metal music and video games.

Fisher couldn't be a more appropriate voice representing freedom of expression, and the shredding of the Untied States Constitution. Hart D. Fisher has fought for his right as an American citizen to exercise his freedom of speech – and he has lost.