Hart Attack on Jackalope Radio


Interview by BigJ

Give Hart D. Fisher a platform to speak and he’ll use it as an opportunity to speak his mind no matter who he pisses off. A crusader for the first amendment, the always controversial Fisher isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers and in his first interview with Bloody-Disgusting he did just that. Fisher went in-depth about his highly influential comic book publishing house Boneyard Press, his new horror 24 horror channel (www.AmericanHorrors.com), and then exposed the crazy behind-the-scenes stories of comic book industry that the pros will never speak of.

For round two with Bloody-Disgusting Fisher is like a rabid dog unleashed and out for blood. Fisher talks about the impact of Boneyard Press had on the horror scene, his hatred for My Chemical Romance and “The Umbrella Academy” creator/writer Gerard Way, and why Kickstarter campaigns are for beggars. Then for his encore, Hart puts Lianne “Spiderbaby” MacDougall on blast for her plagiarism scandal, and why he can no longer support Fangoria Magazine. This interview is simply Hart D. Fisher unleashed and uncensored. 

Bloody Disgusting: During the 90’s Boneyard Press was really pushing the envelope for the horror genre within the comics world and I think really paved the way for some of the extreme books we have now like Crossed from Avatar Press. Now looking back do you feel the impact and influence that Boneyard had on the comics scene?

HDF: When you’re in the eye of the storm, you don’t get a chance to look around & assess the damage around you, or the impact you’ve had, you’re just trying to survived & get the next book out.

Now, with many years outside of the industry all together, I can see the impact of my work pretty easily.

I haven’t seen an independent company hit the industry like Boneyard Press, the closest thing is Avatar, but then, it’s publisher Will, was right in the center of things when I launched Boneyard Press and he even gave me the idea for “Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jesus Christ”, only Will wanted to Dahmer nailin’ Christ to the cross on the cover. No one else has come close to touching the depths like we did except for Verotik, but then, that’s a company headed by Glenn Fucking Danzig, and that’s no joke. Avatar & Verotik are it. The rest is a pale shadow in comics.

As for influence… I think we had more of an effect on musicians and filmmakers than comics themselves. Just talk to Phil Anselmo, or the guys in Necrophagia, or Slayer, or Metalica, or Moonspell, or even an MMA fighter like Josh Barnett or hell, even the members of Cheap Trick… I had dinner with them after a show & signed Dahmer comics for everybody in the band. You can see my influence in the Saw films, in A Serbian Film, in Law & Order SVU (they based an episode on me, poorly), it’s all around you in the culture so deeply implanted most people wouldn’t ever know.

Boneyard Press carved its niche in the minds of the new generation of filmmakers & creators and they all know exactly who they are.

Bloody Disgusting: How is it you’ve never done a Kickstarter campaign for either American Horrors or to get the Boneyard catalog back into print? Is it just because of the amount of time involved with running a campaign?