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Bloody Disgusting Interview with Hart Fisher

During the ’90s Hart D. Fisher was dubbed the “most dangerous man in comics” and for good reason. He was constantly fighting against the mainstream corporatization of the comic book industry and wasn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers in the process. He was the man responsible for creating the infamous “Marvel Can Suck My Cock” t-shirt, and his body of work through Boneyard Press consistently pushed the comics medium into an adult art form, before it became acceptable for creators to release anything considered risqué. In fact just last year, Fisher’s “Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer” ranked #3 on Bloody-Disgusting’s list of “Top 10 Legitimately Terrifying Horror Comics”. Fisher’s impact on the world of horror comics can still be felt in some of the books being produced today.

Fisher’s passion for the horror genre has only grown stronger since his departure from the comic book world. For the past few years, Fisher has been focused on developing and expanding his 24 hour uncut horror channel American Horrors, which is currently broadcast for free online.

Bloody-Disgusting was fortunate enough to catch up with Fisher to talk his impact on the world of horror comics and he held nothing back. Hart dished all the dirt about his experience in the comic industry, including being blacklisted, banned, and even having distributors burn his books instead of putting them into stores. Fisher gave us the goods and talked at length about the current status of Boneyard Press, and his horror channel, American Horrors.

Bloody Disgusting: In the comics world you’re best known as the publisher of Boneyard Press and the author of the highly controversial ‘Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer’ comic, which was listed as one of Bloody-Disgusting’s ’10 Legitimately Terrifying Horror Comics’. What happened with Boneyard Press and the characters?

Hart Fisher: After the distributor wars of the 90’s resulted in the death of hundreds of stores & contracting the market… it became very difficult to make a profit in the comics industry. I financed things as far as I could but the murder trials had taken their toll & frankly I was pretty burned out on comics, all the negative publicity, I was pretty bored with the status of the industry. I needed something different.

So in 2004 I put Boneyard Press on hiatus and left comics all together to work full time in Adult Films…. And THAT my friends… is a whole other story…