Flowers on the Razorwire Worldwide Roku Premier!

Hart Fisher's Comic Series Becomes a TV Series in Japanese Pilot

Posted on May 24, 2017

“The first five minutes of Flowers on the Razorwire makes the entire Hellraiser series look like a Ken Burns documentary.”

-Reel Advice From The Video Store Guy

On Sunday February 26th 2017, the innovative new horror series, FLOWERS ON THE RAZORWIRETM, makes it’s American Horrors Worldwide Roku premier at 8:30 pm central time/6:30 pm pacific time!

FLOWERS ON THE RAZORWIRETM is a bone chilling horror anthology created by horror legend Hart D. Fisher (Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer, The Garbage Man) that drags you by the throat into a world one part Twilight Zone & two parts Tales From the Crypt until you’re screaming for mercy!

In volume one, true crime author Doug Shanks (Joseph M. Monks) thought he’d seen it all until the day he dialed up a two legged nightmare, the psychotic dominitrix Flower (played by sizzling adult film star Wanda Curtis). She ties him up and tortures him mercilessly until it’s time to tell her a story, a story scary enough to keep her from killing him slowly, so slowly…

Doug stutters out his tale of a young Asian girl, Yuko (Japanese Super Model Mitsuho Ohtani), trapped in an broken down elevator with a boiler repairman (Evil Lopez) who might just be Los Angeles’ worst serial killer ever! This volume of FLOWERS ON THE RAZORWIRETM features pulse pounding new music by Los Angeles recording artists Tuscaurora, The IV’s, Queer For Girls and Dead Girls Corp. Find out why this release was the sensation of Japan in 2003 spawning a DVD release and a full color behind the scenes hardcover book available only in Japan.

For almost a decade FLOWERS ON THE RAZORWIRETM was maverick comic book publishing house, Boneyard Press’s longest running title. It was a proving ground for fresh talent like John Cassaday, Dimitri Patelis, Vincent Locke, Colleen Doran, Albert Holasao, James Keegan, William Harms, Sandy Spreitz, Aaron Bordner, plus award winning authors like Stephen Elliott, Wayne Allen Sallee & Christa Faust. Now it’s back as a new series of terror tales told both in film and comic books!

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“…Pulled taunt like a glove across a giallo-maniac hand of death…Simply put, for fans of independent horror, this is a project worth supporting.”

-Tomb of DVD

“Flowers is a great paced, well-acted film, with a twist that works.”

-Unspeakable Mag

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