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“As a lifelong hardcore horror fiend, American Horrors is exactly the type of show I wish was on the air when I was growing up. If you're a horror fan, this is it. This is your show covering horror from every bloody angle. For me, working at American Horrors is a dream come true."
- Wakako Kawagoshi-Fisher/American Horrors VP

Originally born in Ishikawa, Japan to a successful local business man and his wife, a traditional Japanese Koto player who has played around the world (including Carnegie Hall), Wakako Kawagoshi-Fisher has gone on to become a respected translator in the Japanese music business and a gifted editor for her husbands post production company, Crime Pays Inc.

Ms. Kawagoshi-Fisher has worked for BURRN! Magazine (the largest heavy metal magazine in Japan), Music Life, Guitar Magazine, Player, Young Guitar, Shinko Music (Nirvana and The Grunge Revolution), Metallion and Metal Gear before moving to American where she has worked for Lions Gate Entertainment (Juon) and Odd Lot Entertainment (The Spirit).

At American Horrors Ms. Kawagoshi-Fisher is in charge of its editing department, executive producing the American Horrors interview segments and selecting its content for air and DVD distribution. Ms. Kawagoshi-Fisher brings a world view and fiendish eye for the best in horror and is an irreplaceable member of the American Horrors team.

Wakano Kawagoshi-Fisher


American Horrors VP Wakako Kawagoshi-Fisher The new faces of Horror