The Most Controversial T-Shirt in Comics History Returns!

To Save His Wife, Hart D. Fisher Brings Back His Controversial T-Shirt For A Limited Time Only

Posted on May 24, 2017


American Horrors Co-Creator Hart Fisher brings back the most controversial t-shirt in comics history in an effort to aid his wife’s fight to triumph over severe anemia. For a limited time only, YOU, the American Horrors fan & supporter can get one of these super collectible t-shirts in this one time opportunity to advance order the original groundbreaking design that debuted at the San Diego Comicon back in 1995 & sold out in one day.

Want to help Waka Fisher pay for her medical treatments for Severe Anemia & get back to work on the original American Horrors Filmon Channel? Then order a shirt or make a donation to her GoFundMe campaign ( ) or order one of these insane t-shirts!

Heck, you can even see Hart Fisher’s own MOTHER wearing one from the Chicago Wizard World Con in 1997 in this very graphic! If it’s good enough for MOM, it’s good enough for everyone! Frank Miller has one, the editorial staff at Dark Horse had their original Marvel Can Suck My Cock shirts, a bunch of the Image guys bought them, an ex-Marvel Employee PAID me to through them into the signing line at the Marvel booth AT the San Diego Comic Con (crazy story with what happened there), if it’s good enough for Frank Miller, it’s good enough for everyone 🙂 !

Advance order your shirt directly with Mr. Fisher NOW for only $25 a shirt (SM, M, XL, 2XL, Black T-shirt) & receive the shirt & several collectible trading cards (limited to 100 cards), signed & numbered by the Bonedaddy himself.

All proceeds are going to pay for Mr. Fisher’s wife’s ongoing medical care & past ER bills from an emergency blood transfusion.
All payments are through Paypal via pr@americanhorrors (send your order & process your payment through this email address).

IM Mr. Fisher directly on his Facebook page for details or to place your order. Signed & numbered collectible trading cards will be made available through this advance ordering offer only.