Want to advertise your film or product to a worldwide audience? So do we!

We offer advertising opportunities on American Horrors,, and Hydra Blue.

Want to reach that hard to find 18-34 year old male audience that roams from show to show? They come to our sites to the tune of 1.5 million a month and more! Web banners, radio show ad spots, TV show title sponsor opportunities & more await you at the new mass media titans of the digital age. Find out why Hart D. Fisher was the #2 celebrity sales advocate for Safe Cig when you advertise on his hit political radio show Hart Attack or his producing ally Josh Hadley’s hit pop culture shows Radiodrome, Lost in the Static and What the Fuck!?

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“After an amazing year on the air we are now opening our doors to select advertisers.” Said Hart D. Fisher, owner & operator of American Horrors. “In 2013 we’ve clawed our way up into the Top 48 out of 500 channels on and now have a loyal following amongst the taste makers of our age. You want to reach that audience? We’re your best dollar bet to do that.”