About American Horrors

The American Horror Channels are linear streaming uncut horror tv channels owned and hosted by legendary horror creator, Hart D. Fisher. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can watch for free worldwide on your Roku (use channel code AMHOR to add American Horrors to YOUR Roku) online at www.americanhorrors.com and filmon.com! Watch on your ipod, ipad, iphone, or Android by downloading the FilmOn App!!!

American Horrors has original programming exclusives like paranormal investigations show, Mission Terror, the best horror movie review show, Fright Asylum with Woody Meckes, crazy trailer show Angela’s Trailer Park, the original American Horrors show, the original True Crimes tv show, our team up with The Grindhouse Channel exploitation double feature series, Movies From Planet X, and our very own party vampire, Count Crazy Craig! You can also see original short horror films and crazy never released to DVD horror features and insane uncut horror music videos by horror music icons Danzig, Doomed & Disgusting, Obituary, Society 1, St. Madness, Slayer and More!!!!

Can’t find Hart Fisher’s first feature film on Amazon? No worries, you can watch The Garbage Man anytime you want online at www.americanhorrors.com!

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